Controlled Environment Chamber

Environmental chambers are facilities where certain environmental conditions can be tightly controlled as well as visual tasks.

They are used with the aim of assessing the clinical and biochemical response of the lachrymal function unit to therapeutics or contact lens wear under controlled environmental conditions.

It is specially important in dry eye disease (DED) clinical trial, where the patient are exposed to a changing environment, a major reason for failing to show statistically significant results. Additionally, contact lenses studies can be also performed in our facilities and we have already shown differences in tolerability in adverse environmental conditions.

In ORus we offer the following services:

  • Advising in the design of protocols regarding ocular surface research projects and clinical trials.

  • Carring out clinical trials and research projects involving the lachrymal function unit.

  • Recruitment of dry eye patients for being included in clinical trials and research projects.

  • Editing of research papers detailing the clinical trials and research projects carried out previously in the CERLab.

Our state-of-art facility and the expertise of our research team are suitable to customize clinical trial designs so that they can better show the efficacy of potential therapeutic candidates depending on each drug mechanism of action.