Strengths of ORus

The pillars where ORus rely on are firm and strong to ensure the soundness of the project and to build a durable alliance. That is why in ORus we count on with:

  • The strength of IOBA (Instituto Universitario de Oftalmobiología Aplicada) at the University of Valladolid.

  • The experience of the Ophthalmology Department of the IRYCIS (Instituto Ramón y Cajal de Investigaciones Sanitarias).

  • The professionalism of Leon Research (CRO established in Castilla y León).

  • And the reliability of OftaRed, the Cooperative Research Thematic Network (RETICS) of ocular Pathology lead by the Health Institute Carlos III of Madrid.

We build ORus based on the knowledge and the capabilities provided by these entities and mainly by the people who compose it.